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Status Online
IP treetopiamc.com
Players 1/50
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Uptime 100%
Rank 21
Country United States
Gamemodes EconomySurvivalTownyMCMMO
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24h 7d 1m 1y
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5 Reviews
11 Day(s) Ago
First* Impressions(continued)(5)
“No, mobs instead take up physical space when surrounding a spawner. So I guess it makes sense to want to limit that because of hardware but it is rather annoying, when trying to repair items with mending and you have a very slow mob spawner other than all those mentioned that's about it, a very wholesome server experience that's still got lots of potential to grow I expect staff to make more changes based upon suggestions of players if the player count gets more and more increased so if you want to provide some input into that direction feel free to play a bit on here and reach out to the staff we hope to see you there bye bye ;)”
5 Reviews
12 Day(s) Ago
First* Impressions(continued)(4)
“-ranking points. 1 vote gives you both 1 point towards ranking up and 1 vote point. Points you can cash-in as it were, into crate keys with a crate awarded lowest set to 5 points to collect a vote key with the threshold advancing to 100 points for the highest valued crate key voting is limited by player to 5 votes per 24 hours, Also a point on Spawners, currently staff explained Spawners when found cannot be removed from AT LOCATION of their discovery meaning mob farms must be built where the spawner is located This is explained by staff to help with server lag as mobs spawned by spawners do not stack and have a number above their heads indicative of mobs in said stack”
5 Reviews
13 Day(s) Ago
First* Impressions(continued)(3)
“Player warp creation is also restricted by rank and player money balance, public warps cost in game money to make, when last I made one it was an in game 500$, but the GUI menu for navigating and organizing your warps is nicely balanced. Warps are easily searchable by player IGN and can even be separated into categories, housing, farm, pvp, etc. You can even transfer ownership of a warp you created as well as ban specific individual players from using them you have a lot of options afforded to you when managing warps and that is something I applaud the staff for A few gripes I have are with the ranking system, rank's and the perks that come with them (such as getting a job or even cosmetic and vote keys) are restricted in player rank and the only way increase in rank is based upon number of times a player has voted. I'd much prefer a system based upon time spent playing in the server rewarding with higher rank but I digress, Your vote count adds into a separate pool from your r”
5 Reviews
15 Day(s) Ago
First* Impressions(continued)
“-yet mapped, or rank restricted, staff not always online or available, Cosmetics and Creates not yet available and lack of incentive rewards for player gameplay Staff has expressed they are working on it and will implement an incentive system, via though crate rewards, both as a result of vote and crate key purchase Nothing game breaking but something to be advised of Also MCMMO is implemented here, bear that in mind when engaging in combat with mobs. Staff has mentioned that they have slowed the progression system of MCMMO to better reflect survival aspects Again not an issue for me, but don't expect ability to grind to the highest tiers and skill set of the MCMMO system very quickly”
5 Reviews
16 Day(s) Ago
Frist Impressions
“A Survival server w/ elements of a player run economy Administered over by veteran players of MC Overall first impressions are good, server runs 1.19 as of time of this writing, and it looks very nice. Staff is friendly, quick to answer questions, and online most of the time It appears to be a new-ish server so not much of the world seed has yet to be built up or exploited, meaning it still has lots of potential. The player economy is there but its still in its infancy and not yet established. With only maybe 5-6 warp shops set up So come get your Elytra for a mere 27K or free Elytra from the unraided End now ^_^ Survival elements are here but they are cushioned, so don't expect a hardcore experience, no items lost on death, and no EXP lost on death currently, and PVP protection is always on, but staff may change this in the future There are some common downsides of that of a new-ish server: Low player count, GUI and menus not always working, player commands not ye”
1 Review
17 Day(s) Ago
MrCrook Approved
“A good new 1.19 server with small community so there is lots of room to grow and do whatever you like. Good mix of plugins and custom items to add to vanilla game play. Come join and help us make the server better.”
1 Review
17 Day(s) Ago
Fun, Engaging, Small server
“Despite the server being more smaller than more commonly named servers, the staff, and players are very nice, and the server itself is very fun to play with the custom plugins which tie together nicely with the new 1.19 updates. I also enjoy the custom made items, and crates, my favourite is the Dark Sword!”
1 Review
18 Day(s) Ago
Cool custom items
“Lots of cool custom items and friendly community!”
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