The Brew Crew
Owner Marcelline
Status online
Players 0/48
Version 1.13
Rank 914
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Uptime 100%
Last Check 10 month(s) ago
Country United States

Introducing the official re-introduction of The Brew Crew Minecraft server!

It is currently vanilla+, with a lot of minor changes to make the game just a bit more exciting. There are too many to list, but I'll begin with the most important aspects:

A mana resource was added.

You cannot naturally regenerate health and mana in combat, you must be out of combat to do so.

Enchantments were overhauled.

Potions were overhauled.

New armor and weapons were added.

Armor blocking damage was completely redone, with the new armor stat being called Defense.

Foods were somewhat rebalanced, with a new cooking system.

/home was replaced by an immersive stargate system. You will now have to build gates in order to teleport to various places.

And some more things I'm probably forgetting!

The IP is or, both work. We are running the latest version, 1.16.5.

We also have a Hunger Games map in progress by our mapmaker, Time Machine Demon. In an effort to increase activity we will host community events often, thank you, and have an outstanding day!