sLab Craft
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Country United States
Types EconomySkyblockSurvivalVanillaFactions

Join this server if you like being part of the community. Join here to play Survival games and Skyblock.

Here at sLab we care about the community members and listen to what you guys want to be added or removed. We don't force you to buy anything, cause we run off donations/ads rather than microtransactions to get ranks or in-game gear.

We focus more on survival rather than kits and minigames. However, we will add those in our own fashion if the community wants it added.

We have a alter SMP that's kind of like Hermitcraft and has jobs and an economy.

We also have a plain vanilla SMP. No data packs, or game-altering plugins. It has one only to switch servers.

We have a Clan/Faction SMP with a skill tree, land clam, bases, and soon to have custom enchants for more PvP raiding fun.

And finally, a popular Survival game type is Skyblock. We have custom islands, a mining world with custom caves and world gen, auctions, and more!

If you want to be apart of a fun community that's transparent, helpful, creative, and great then join sLab Craft today!