Owner Quickknives
Status online
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Version 1.17
Rank 729
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Uptime 100%
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Country United Kingdom
Types EconomyPvEPvPSkyblockVanilla

Skylands is a newly made Minecraft server. Skylands is a Skyblock based server. If you are unfamiliar with Skyblock it is very simple. Whatever island you pick you are stuck on and must use the resources that you have. The first thing you should start making is a cobblestone generator once you have the correct materials. Keep growing your island and try to become the best! You can view the top islands in-game by typing /is top or /island top. On Skylands we allow you to purchase various things to make your experience better. Some can be purchased with in-game money earned by completing quests and others can be earned by purchasing from our store using real-life money. Skylands thrives to become a unique experience for players that is different from other servers. We will be hosting events as well which will be announced on the server and the discord. If you have any other questions you can join our Discord (13+).