Schnitzeltreff Network
Owner Buddy_DE
Status online
Players 0/100
Version Latest Version
Rank 10
Votes 132
Uptime 99.9%
Last Check 3 minute(s) ago
Country Germany
Types SurvivalSkyblockCreativeEconomy

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Schnitzeltreff is an international multigaming community, originating out of the csgo space and ventured into multigaming. We hope you find something of your interest in our community.

I opened up a multi gaming server for all people to enjoy. Enjoy all features, free of charge.
We will offer a variety of games, starting off with a creative,SMP and Skyblock world, with more to come.
Our Discord features even more games aside from Minecraft, and is open for everyone.

Later we will add more servers with minigames like skywars and all the other good stuff. Make sure to let us know what you like to play!

We would like to see you on the server, get involved in its development, and bring your friends while you are at it.
There is a friendly, young community waiting for you.

(Detailed description in progress...)