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❖ IP: pvpcrate.ddns.net:45565 (Copy the Number at the End)

❖ Category: Skyhard - RPG

❖ Version: 1.9 -> 1.15 (1.11.2 is Best)

➼ System Class and Skill:

- There are 5 Classes: Moniyan, Northern, Twilight, Eruditio, Abyss
- Each Class has 6 skills, 2 ultimate and 2 different intrinsic characteristics to suit the characteristics of each class

➼ Monster System:

- There are 14 monster farms divided into different types of environments: grassland, swamp, hills, desert, snow, jungle, hell, ...
- There are 7 big bosses and 5 small bosses are scattered all over the place
- DUNGEON is the gathering place for all types of monsters appearing in the areas.

➼ Trade System

- There are more than 300 different trades divided into 3 main categories:
* Trade Heroes are special weapons that have their own unique qualities and have great power in fighting
* Trade Gear is a weapon to carry to increase the necessary stats for example to suck blood or stun, dodge, health, armor, ...
* Trade Events are limited weapons obtained from seasonal events, killing bosses, doing quests, ...

➼ Top Online Racing System - Kill - Mine - Walk

- To race the top orders / toplist, the rewards for the top 3 in each top chart will be deposited in the inventory every week.

➼ System Quest - Pet - Fishing - Expedition - Spinning Chest