Minecraft Sivils
Owner DuneSciFye
Status online
IP play.sivils.net
Website https://www.sivils.net/
Discord https://discord.gg/CKRNmSV
Players 30/500
Version All Versions
Rank 10
Votes 232
Uptime 100%
Last Check 4 day(s) ago
Country United States
Types SkyblockSurvivalPvEEconomyCreative

Minecraft Sivils has tons to offer, from having one of the most unique purposes and enticing features! From vanilla redstone, mob AI, very player friendly player markets, auction houses, shop, missions, and much much more! We don't just dump too many features on you, but features that players want, use, and love!
Here are our best features:
- Complete Redstone
- Every vanilla mob
- Beacons, nether, ender chests, piglins, villager trading
- All 1.19 features!!

**User Friendly:**
- 90% of things can be done from menus!
- Wonderful bedrock support!
- Advanced Searching, Easy Navigation, Friendly Guides!

**Custom Items:**
- Custom Chests to make Skyblock Better!
- Spawners to get that Bread!
- Armor Sets (not complicated :D) for late game players!
- Accessories (also not complicated!) for enhanced experience!

**Better Vanilla:**
- Revamped Fishing! Mojang won't do it so we did :)
- Custom Enchants to spice things up!
- Quality of life features like:
- Villagers follow emerald blocks! Add this to Vanilla!
- Minecarts can be placed anywhere! No more annoying rails for sorters!

And theres so much more! (like actually more, not what other servers just put)
Come join us :P