LifeSteal SMP [1.18]
Owner Teslicek
Status online
Players 28/60
Version Latest Version
Rank 73
Votes 3
Uptime 100%
Last Check 1 month(s) ago
Country Germany
Types PvPSurvivalVanillaHardcore

Welcome to our fresh-made SMP server!

You're probably thinking: Why is this server named like that? The answer is quite simple. This server is not just semi-vanilla, it's much harder than you think. Every time a player kills you, you'll lose one of your hearts and your killer earns your heart. Interesting, huh? Now, what happens, if you lose all of your hearts? Don't worry, there is a minimum limit of 5 hearts, but playing with this small amount of hearts on a hard difficulty will be really challenging. And this is the main reason why you should avoid players. Or perhaps you could trade some of the hearts between your friends? You make the rules.