Hikayat Towny Server
Owner Hikayat
Status online
IP hikayat.pvpserver.xyz:19591
Discord https://discord.gg/fBMndFcgve
Players 13/50
Version 1.19
Rank 5
Votes 355
Uptime 100%
Last Check 4 day(s) ago
Country Malaysia
Types TownyEconomyRoleplayFactions

Hikayat is a Minecraft Towny community based in Malaysia. If you are looking for a town-building server with world building through wars, alliances, trade, and lore writing - then you've come to the right place!

Meet new people or invite your friends to build a town together and evolve into a nation! Make yourself known either through trade and cooperation or war and domination!

Our key unique features include:

⚔️ Town building. Build a town and nation! Forge alliances or go to war!

👹 Custom Mobs to fight and loot! Currently we only have a hostile cow which is not much, but more is in the works!

🗡️ Custom Items that give unique perks and effects

📱 An active community not just on Discord but also Tiktok!

🌏 Worldbuilding for you to document historical server events and write stories!