Owner smilee
Status online
IP hephaestus.tk
Discord https://discord.gg/nVfxEBz
Players 0/30
Version 1.16
Rank 19
Votes 77
Uptime 100%
Last Check 7 hour(s) ago
Country Portugal
Types SurvivalCreativeMini GamesParkour

1.16.1 Server

We are fresh server who just started. We are looking for players to join us and make this server grow into new heights.

Java-Bedrock Compatibility
You heard that right, this server has bedrock java compatibility, which means you can play with members from all different platforms, windows 10, xbox, playstation, pocket edition.

The survival server is the main server. It's on hard difficulty and has some plugins, but they will not influence the experience. There are two that might influence a bit.
-Bloodmoon where the mobs are harder but drop better loot, liker iron, gold, diamond, etc.
-A plugin that adds new biomes to the end giving new gameplay to everyone

A place to show your build and how much your imagination can run wild

To create bonds with members from this community

This server is different from the others, not only because of the difficulty but because it's not pay-to-win.
If a friend refers you, you will receive 10 Mystery Dust to buy in-game cosmetics, and he will receive 5.

Discord - https://discord.gg/nVfxEBz

We are all waiting for you to start this new server with everyone who wants a slice of this new adventure