Owner MacScooby
Status online
IP happysmp.com
Website https://www.happysmp.com/
Discord https://discord.gg/VvkcASy
Players 0/0
Version Latest Version
Rank 594
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 43 second(s) ago
Country United States
Types SurvivalVanillaSkyblockCreativeBedWars

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server ip Java: happysmp.com

A safe place for everyone!

Ever wanted a server where the people respect your orientation?
A place where you can fly your flag proudly and not feel judged?

We provide a Happy, safe and welcoming environment for all. We accomplish this
but eliminating toxicity in the community. We are not interested in numbers as
some servers are. Instead we focus on a community that is of a higher quality.

What else does HappySMP.com have to offer?

Our QOL enhancements to Minecraft's Vanilla game include:
-Keep inventory is ON
-Land claiming is easy
-Creepers can't break blocks
-Single person sleep
-Dragon always drops an egg and elytra
Plus many more easter eggs you will only find out by playing!

Survival all the time can get to be a drain sometimes...and we get that.
Why not try out one of the other gamemodes on HappySMP.com?

We also offer:


Come and join HappySMP.com today!

Click ADD SERVER and in the server address type happysmp.com then DONE.
After that, click the last server in your list and then JOIN SERVER