Glacier SMP [Mostly Vanilla] [SMP] [Comm
Owner 3166AlmeriaK
Status offline
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Version 1.13
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Uptime 100%
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Country United States

Hey there, we are looking for new people to join our mostly vanilla Minecraft Java SMP server. We currently have 10-20 people who play consistently and we are looking to have a consistent and long running SMP where we create big builds and projects in the world and have a good community.

The only exception to this being a completely vanilla server is we run CoreProtect to rollback any griefing or stealing and to log blocks and chest interactions, we have an anti-cheat, and we also have a chat plugin to add different channels and opt-in proximity chat. We also have a one person sleep datapack.

We have a 10,000 by 10,000 border so that when 1.17 comes out we can remove that border and have new chunks for that update

The current world was started: 2021/03/23

The server is hosted in California, USA

We have quite a few rules, but most of them are common sense

1. Treat everyone with respect. No harassment, sexism, racism, or hate speech. Try to play your part in making this server a kind, welcoming place
2. No griefing
3. No stealing, ask before you take!
4. No non-agreed upon PvP
5. No hacks, cheats, or mods of any kind besides Optifine, Fabric, or Lunar and Badlion Client
6. No exploits or duping
7. No damaging spawn
8. No posting coords of areas that players do not want to be posted
9. No purposefully ugly/destructive builds 1x1 poles, lava towers, etc
10. If you have a war or lore, you CANNOT force people into it. Everyone in a war has to agree to be in it
11. Do not hav