Fantasy RPG Factions
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Bongo Factions is the Ultimate RPG Class + Factions Experience! We have 15 Different classes and countless unique bosses! That we add more onto every month!

Classes have their own unique skills that you have NEVER seen before. We Guarantee that.

We want to make your transition into the very complicated server as easy as possible so we have added numerous ways to get your information easily! For example, EVERY SINGLE COMMAND is organized into a neat GUI that you can right click to open! We have NPCs That you can ask almost ANY QUESTIONS to.

If you still somehow have any questions, you can join the discord! I am always active there!


(some) Useful Commands!

/skills - list your skills

/bong vanish - hides your Commands Book

/bong show - brings back your command book


(some) Plugins!

EliteMobs, Quests, Interactions, AdvancedEnchants, FactionsX, ExplosionRegen, McMMO, MoneyFromMobs, Heroes, WarpSystem, BuildersWand, CMI, AdvancedPortals, UltimateTimber, ViaVersion, XPShop, Jobs, Graves , Dynmap, EpicSpawners, EpicHoppers, EcoEnchants, ShopGuiPlus, Bank, Battlepass, AuctionHouse, Citizens, BongoGUI(Custom), RespawnProtection(Custom), ClassSetup(custom), EliteMobsCreator(Custom)