CrypticCraft Mianite
Owner Dexxter797
Status online
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Uptime 100%
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Country United States
Types SurvivalRoleplayEconomy

CrypticCraft is a new semi-op survival roleplay server based on the popular series Mianite with our own unique twist!

With tons of fun plugins such as slimefun, custom server based enchants, etc custom events, a constantly changing storyline,
pvp events and many more unique experiences you are bound to have some fun!

What god will you follow? Will you be evil like Dianite? Righteous like Mianite? Will you wish for balance and follow Ianite?
Or maybe choose the path of the magician and create your own fate?
Whatever you choose, you better be ready to fight.
The Crypt has many secrets.. will you uncover them traveler?