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ArcanusMC is a geopolitical war server with specialised biomes.
The aim of the game is to unite the world into your empire. Towns of different areas have different strengths and weaknesses.
Trade is vital:
Due to the zone system it is wise to specialise in a few areas and export/trade what your town can produce. Establishing trade routes with other towns across the map can reduce your weaknesses and grow your town’s wealth. Additionally, piracy can be a very profitable business.
EXP is currency
It is used to establish towns and purchase land claims. A town will cost 1,395 EXP (That’s level 30), each claim will cost 300, and a nation will cost 10,000. You can gain EXP in a huge variety of ways so don’t be afraid to specialise your playstyle! It is still used for enchanting too.
Go forth and conquer
A nation can declare war on towns. If they win the war, the town is added to the nation and pillaged, transferring EXP from the town bank to the conquering nation’s bank. The losing town is also forced to pay a daily tax (set by the nation). A town can rebel against a nation after 3 days.
Good luck! Those are the basics, you can find more detailed information elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.