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RAMShard, founded in 2017, is on a mission to empower server owners, businesses, and developers by providing a high quality service at an affordable price. RAMShard has made it our priority to revolutionize the hosting industry by taking a forward-thinking, no strings attached approach.

ServerJars is the easiest and most efficient way to get the most up to date Minecraft jars. Using our state-of-the-art system we fetch updates every 5 minutes and instantaneously supply those updates for you to download directly from our site.

SavageLabs is all about excellence, passion, and flexibility. We offer cutting edge software solutions to keep our clients ahead of the curve. We work on diverse projects ranging from a web applications to a notes processor for students to turn sentences into learnable study sets automatically, and even making server plugins for the game "Minecraft".

The SoulStriker channel dedicated to showcasing newest and most unique plugins as well as Minecraft Server Tips and Tricks. Covering all you need to know for your Minecraft Server Ownership, and giving you exciting updates on servers and features.

Meraki was founded in November 2017. Since then the team has been growing to great extends by maximizing skills to their full potential. At the moment Meraki consists of 30 members that range from builders to graphics designers and content creators from all around the world.

Creavite Banner Generator offers 100% Free Minecraft Animated Banners. Sounds too good to be true, right? Pick from one of our high quality templates and get your amazing, new, and completely free, Minecraft animated banner!

Caroliaa Studio are professional freelance artists. With some vary skillsets and style. They do illustration, design, animation, even video editing. For business inquiries, you can contact them here: [email protected]

High quality and budget friendly anticheat aiming to detect ghost & blatant clients for a very low price to remove cheaters from your server. Fast and reliable support.

Designingly is a premium banner company offering a variety of different designs that can be used for several different types of communities! We offer not only competitive pricing but also speedy delivery times! Use code MCLIST15 for 15% off your first order!

Can generate Minecraft pixel art from uploaded images, can ping / check the status of ANY Minecraft server, has an expansive economy system based on EMERALDS (Duh!), and has multi-language support. Invite the Villager Bot Here! is the first and only Minecraft map list! We provide a unique and useful platforms for both players trying to find upcoming maps and server owners looking to advertise. We are continuously adding new features and are always looking for new community members and feedback.

This is the worlds #1 global market place for Entrepreneurs, Gamers, Graphics Designers, Freelancers, Stock traders, Long term investors, etc... With a shared interest of connecting users, exploring new technology, offering innovative services and making digital exchanges.

Here’s some of the best and highest-rated Minecraft server hosts out there! Check out their hardware and network specs, comparing that to their advertised cost-per-gb. When you find one that looks interesting, click on it to learn more!

Generate revenue from your server. We've helped game servers earn over half a billion dollars using our monetization platform, Manage every aspect of your webstore from the feature rich control panel.

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